Refrigerated trucks, which are designed by experienced refrigerated truck body manufacturers, offer temperature control for freight transportation, providing several advantages for trucking businesses. These trucks have specialized features aimed at enhancing efficiency. From maintaining precise temperature settings to ensuring proper airflow and insulation, joints enable the safe transportation of perishable goods. With their unique capabilities, refrigerated trucks offer businesses the ability to meet the specific requirements of transporting temperature-sensitive cargo, ultimately contributing to improved operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Features of refrigerated truck bodies

There are various features of refrigerated truck bodies. Let us explore all of them;


Refrigerated trucks have grown beyond the fresh food industry. Now useful for transporting various high-value cargoes, including pharmaceuticals, tobacco products, cosmetics, and industrial chemicals. Modern temperature-controlled trucks are fitted with multi-temperature refrigeration units, allowing fleet operators to adjust temperature and airflow settings to meet the specific requirements of different products. This versatility made today's refrigerated trucks efficient and reliable along with diversity in their applications. 

Thermal efficiency

Insulating the side walls, ceilings, and floor areas of refrigerated trucks is crucial for maintaining the thermal integrity of the cargo. Polyurethane foam insulation seals gaps and heat-gain spots, preventing air leaks that could harm the quality of transported goods. Utilizing advanced foaming technology, the foam is poured in place, enhancing the overall thermal efficiency of the refrigeration units and ensuring optimal conditions for the cargo throughout the transportation process.

Built to last

Refrigerated truck bodies are constructed using materials like anodized aluminum and galvanized steel to offer superior protection against corrosion, rust, and stains. This ensures their durability even when exposed to elements such as chemical spills, extending their lifespan and maintaining their functionality over time.


Electrically-driven cold plates, when used in conjunction with evaporator-blowers, would assure ideal temperature recovery and enable outstanding air circulation while generating less noise and carbon emissions than conventional mechanical or diesel-fueled systems. Therefore, contemporary refrigerated transport vehicles are a perfect choice for the outdoors.

Numerous options for performance improvement

You have a wide range of options for improving the efficiency of refrigerated trucks. You'll undoubtedly discover something that meets your needs, from load-restraint systems and curbside doors to liners, bumpers, hydraulic liftgates, and many more.

You can install modern curbside sliding doors for easier loading and unloading of goods, especially in limited locations. These doors have configurations that only need a small portion of the swing radius of traditional doors to open.

Reliable Vehicle Mechanics

Reliability and timely deliveries are crucial for a successful transport business. Top-ranked brand trucks offer proven performance on the road and in the cab. With skilled mechanics following stringent maintenance practices, breakdown risks are minimized, ensuring smooth operations and customer satisfaction.

Space-Optimizing, Efficient Design for Maximum Efficiency

An efficient design for refrigerated delivery trucks focuses on maximizing space in the refrigerator compartment, leading to higher profits per trip. Organized stacking and the use of dividers help prevent product damage during transport.


Refrigerated truck bodies offer versatile temperature control for transporting a range of high-value cargoes. With features like efficient insulation, durable construction, eco-friendly systems, and options for performance improvement, these trucks provide reliable and efficient transportation. Optimizing space and secure cargo handling maximize profits and customer satisfaction for businesses. You can trust Technical Supplies & Services Co. for reliable operations.